Whether you are looking for an upland hunting dog, field trial champion, or simply a new family addition, Strongpoint Kennels is here to assist you. We are a small family run kennel located outside Clinton, Tennessee that specializes in breeding German Shorthaired Pointers. It is Strongpoint Kennel’s desire to breed German Shorthaired Pointers that will not only turn into great hunting dogs, but will also be amazing family dogs, and beloved pets. We have a passion for the German Shorthaired Pointer breed and hope to share our passion and joy with our puppies’ new owner.   



Whether your goal is to have a versatile hunting dog capable of upland or waterfowl sport or simply a loving companion, the GSP will be the perfect dog to fit your lifestyle. The degree of personality and the unrelenting amount of affection is only to name a few of their most desirable traits.




With their keen intelligence, acute scenting skills, and refined pointing pose, the German Shorthaired Pointer remains one of the most popular hunting breeds today. Combined with their ability to retrieve on land or in the water, the GSP provides any bird enthusiast with an excellent hunting companion.   

The loving temperament and affectionate nature of the German Shorthaired Pointer makes it an excellent addition to your family. Voted as AKC’s 11th most popular breed, the GSP only aims to please. They express many traits that are valuable in the household; loyalty, devotion, and companionship.