I had a great experience hunting at Anderson Creek! I hunted quail and pheasants and it was a very challenging hunt! My guide, Howard, was very professional, and he even took all of my birds cleaned them and packed them on ice bags for the ride home! The price of the hunt was very reasonable which is a must for me! The pointer dogs that were used also did a outstanding job finding the birds!

I would have to say I give Anderson Creek 5 stars for the hunt and their service! Thank You Anderson Creek for a great hunt! I plan on going back as many times as I can!

PS – I am the owner of Knota Yankee BBQ Sauce and I used it on the birds that I hunted! I can testify that my sauce is excellent on quail and pheasant!  

-Rich Robertson

If you have come across Strong Point Kennels and are seriously considering the purchase of a GSP, look no further as you have found the best! I researched the breed and AKC breeders for three years, begging my husband for a GSP. Strong Point Kennels was personally recommended to us by another GSP owner and just my luck, they were expecting a Liver Roan litter in one week! I contacted Linda more times than I can remember in that week, asking all sorts of questions. She happily took the time to return my calls and texts even providing us with her personal reading material regarding the breed. The day the puppies were born I called immediately and placed our deposit! I felt so comfortable working with the Hawkins as I knew, the wellbeing of the puppies was their first concern. We visited the puppies at 1 week old, 3 weeks old, 4 weeks old and 6 weeks old, I might have been a little excited to take our puppy home. The Hawkins always welcomed us to visit and ask questions, not many breeders would have taken the time to do so. Little to my knowledge, my husband and the Hawkins, put a plan together to surprise me with our puppy, Konza the Konquerer, one week early! Tears of joy streamed down my face and it was all made possible by Strong Point Kennels. They aren't just a breeder, they are true friends and lovers of the GSP breed. Our pup, Konza, is now 8.5 months old and a natural at all things GSP but most importantly an amazing family dog! He can be on the hunt one moment and snuggled up against you the next. Strong Point Kennels offers healthy, strong, beautiful, loving dogs that will instantly steal your heart! We are already looking forward to their 2018 litter so we can add another to our family! Thank you Strong Point Kennels for giving us such an amazing family member! 

Bridget & Walt Whitaker 

Southern Pines, NC

Nala joined our family officially on March 15, 2018. Before Nala came home with us the Hawkins Family were amazing and allowed us to stop by every weekend to bond with her. Once taking Nala home and to our family vet they could not say enough great things about her and her health. They commented on how they did a great job putting together her packet of information. Nala is now a year and half and has been such a blessing. She is a smart, playful, curious dog that loves birds and hikes. She has been a great companion and she has just a big heart.  

-Zac and Kate

Vaught Hemingway Haskins came to us almost a year ago, and has changed our lives completely. After picking up this scared puppy, he immediately fell asleep in Joshs arms and we fell in love. He has grown into a great companion for us both. From Jess snuggle buddy to Joshs hunting partner; 
Vaught is a versatile pet to both life styles. He excelled tremendously at his upland game training and his trainer, Sea Island Kennels, couldnt stop raving about how much of a natural Vaught was in the field and how they had not seen a dog with the natural drive for hunting like this in a while. Along with his upland game skills, he is one heck of a duck dog. During a trip to Mississippi, Vaught performed toe to toe with his Labrador Retriever cousins. With multiple hunting trips planned for the future, Vaught and Josh are both excited to get back into the field. Even during the off season, Vaught sharpens his skills by pointing and stalking the cat. 

While a great hunting partner, Vaught still enjoys the finer things in life. He enjoys sneaking into the bed after were sleeping so one of us wakes up in full spoon position with him in the morning. He enjoys summer days on the boat, going out for a good swim, and also is a great running partner. A perfect pup for our active lifestyle, he helps keep us both in shape if we want to keep up with him. We cant take Vaught anywhere without fellow GSP owners coming up and complimenting not only how handsome of a dog, but we have even had people ask us how we got him to be that color. 

With Vaughts distinct markings on his neck and tail, we love looking back at his litter photos and finding our boy when he was only a few days or weeks old. He is a sweet dog and wants nothing more than companionship and to make friends with every dog, cat and person he meets. We could not imagine our lives without Vaught. He has truly been a blessing, we wouldnt change anything about him.

Josh Haskins and Jessica Monaco

I cannot say enough nice things about this breeder. After knowing for years that we wanted a GSP we were finally introduced to Strongpoint Kennels and immediately fell in love with their operations. This is a breeder that truly loves their dogs and has a passion for the breed. They were always willing to offer advice and would go out of their way to assist us with welcoming a new addition into our home. Even though we originally just planned to get one puppy we came home with two! Best decision ever. These puppies are not only beautiful (we consistently get praise and comments on them wherever we go) but they are some of the most loving and cuddly dogs around. They can go from pointing at doves in the back yard to curled up on the couch with the kids in a heartbeat. If you want a dog that you can lock in a kennel/cage and never interact with then a GSP from Strongpoint Kennels is NOT for you. Only get one if you want a dog that can shine out in the field hunting as well as always smothering you in affection at home. These puppies will always be a puppy no matter how big they get; they want nothing more than to be as close to you as possible and spend all the time they can with you. Once again thank you Strongpoint Kennels for our beautiful babies!

Petersen Family

If you are looking for an intelligent versatile hunting dog, as well as a loyal family companion, look no further than Strongpoint Kennels. Strongpoint Kennels truly has a passion for the German Shorthaired Pointer breed, and they have shared this passion with us every step of the way. Howard and Linda raise their puppies in a loving home environment, and give them the best start in life. They are also there to offer advice and answer any questions you may have after you take your puppy home.

Our puppy Kaiser is just under a year old and he has brought so much joy to our lives. He is already showing great promise in the field and as a family dog. I truly enjoy watching his point and natural ability on birds develop, which is a testament to Strongpoint’s superior and selective breeding program. He has already shown great natural ability in the field and is easy to train. He is turning into a nice close working gun dog, and his regal looks get compliments wherever we go. He will be finished this summer in a gun dog training program in Connecticut, and I am looking forward to taking him out for his first hunting season this fall.

Although Kaiser is serious and focused in the field, he is a lighthearted goof-ball at home. Like his mama “Duck”, Kaiser has such an affectionate demeanor. He enjoys lounging in the sun on the deck and cuddling up next to you on the couch. He is great with children and other dogs. Even as a puppy, Kaiser is one of the best students in his basic obedience class. He is well on his way to passing the AKC Canine Good Citizen test, which goes to show the great trainability of a GSP from Strongpoint Kennels.

-Ben & Anila

Fort Riley, Kansas

My initial contact with Strong Point Kennels was a phone call with Linda to inquire about a male puppy. My wife and I had finally decided to get a puppy, and wanted to make sure we were getting a dog which would have the best chance of being a fantastic family member and hunting companion.  The day after that initial call, we packed the family and drove out to meet Linda,  Howard, and our pup Jaeger.  We quickly became comfortable with Linda and Howards’ approach to breeding and knowledge of the GSP breed.  Jaeger comes from exceptional lineage, and we left confident he would be a great dog.  Needless to say, he has lived up to the expectation and more.  He is wonderful with our children, has an incredible demeanor, and is fearless in the field.  I took him on a live hunt at 4 months and my fellow hunters were blown away.  One commented that he, “out hunted the guide dog”.  At 6 months, he voluntarily jumped into a cold pond to retrieve a pheasant that had been shot over the water, once again we were all blown away.  Jaeger has all the natural instincts of a great versatile hunting dog.  Outside of a few basic commands, I hunted him the first season with no formal training.   Jaeger is 9 months now, and I look forward to starting more intense training as he takes instruction very well.    We are so happy we chose Strongpoint Kennels, we couldn’t’ be happier with our boy Jaeger.


Jeffrey C. Carey

Hi Howard and Linda,

I wanted to thank you again for a great time last Saturday! I couldn’t believe how Anthony (my 12 year old) took to the hunting and frankly how good a shot he was. The day would have not been any where near as good if it weren’t for both of you! I really appreciate everything you both did that day, including letting us use your stuff (vests, guns and ammo), and being very patient with us beginners!

Thanks again for everything and Howard thank you for your service to our country and God Speed over there in Afghanistan.

Have a great week and we will look forward to going hunting with you again sometime!


- Randy

My experience with the breeders was just with Linda. Who was always very cordial and very helpful. I would highly recommend her.

My experience with Jaeger (the pup, 8.5 months now) has been interesting. He is very lovable, smart, and a bit stubborn. We have had many enjoyable times with him and some exasperating moments. He absolutely loves people and enjoys being with them. He is extremely inquisitive. I don't think he has a mean bone in his body. He learns very quickly, but sometimes has other ideas when it's time to perform. We are looking forward to the upcoming bird season with great hopes. My wife has never been a dog person and this is the first "in house" dog. She absolutely loves Jaeger and has a tendency to take over when I'm working with him. He is a permanent part of the family. We have enjoyed him immensely. 
One other thing. Whenever we take him anywhere, people are continuously coming up and saying what a beautiful dog he is. We agree.

Jim & Karen Kreft Shawnee, Oklahoma


Dale is growing up way to fast. He is super smart. I keep taking him to different doggie classes, obedience, tricks, rally. He was at hunting camp in April and did well. Honestly what I love the most is that he is a big cuddle bug. Best Dog Ever

Christine & Troy Parsons

Kenai has just hit one year old and has been doing amazing in his hunting training. He spent two months with an upland bird dog trainer and was hailed as the best young dog he has ever trained. He has been great around the house, and superb with children, was easily trained to heal without a leash, fetch, and perform basic commands. Hands down the smartest dog that I have ever owned. Looking forward to his first hunting season. I have already been approached by multiple breeders who want to use him as a stud more than re cooping any money Ive put into him.



Strongpoint Kennels is the best place to buy GSP puppies! Everything from start to finish is absolutely perfect! The care & the cleanliness they provide for them is outstanding! Howard & Linda are the nicest people you could ask for. They are always willing to help in any way they can to make your puppy buying a pleasant experience. We ended up buying two puppies! One from each litter they had. We are so glad we did! Howard & Linda were so helpful in making this happen for us and we are forever grateful to them! We have two of the sweetest, smartest, loving, & most beautiful GSPs ever! We love them very much! We highly recommend Strongpoint Kennels because you won’t be disappointed!

Rex & Peggy Lee

My husband and I stumbled upon Strongpoint Kennels on Google. Turns out to be the greatest stumble! We got our sweet boy, Boone, from Strongpoint Kennels in Kansas. Being in Colorado, we picked him out of the litter over facetime. Linda was very kind to keep up with us weekly through text since we could not visit him until the day we picked him up at  wks old. I was grateful for the way they went out of their way to keep us connected with miles separating us. Everything was seamless the day we picked him up! Our overall experience with Boone has been absolutely life changing and wonderful. As we had researched and heard before, we knew he would be high energy --and that he was! As a puppy, he was very active and would not tire quickly. With that, he was also smart and highly trainable (my husband worked with him daily). I began to notice how quickly he caught on when we were around other dogs his same age. We put him through a local bird hunting camp and began hunting with him around 10 months old. He got a few birds his first season! My husband and I like to say he is a house dog that sometimes goes on bird hunting adventures. He has learned to adjust to the environment around him and go all out when we take him to exercise. Such a sweet personality! At 1.5 yrs old, he is 53 lbs, muscular, very fast, likes to swim, lovable (no aggressive bone in his body) and is so eager to learn and please us. I give 5 stars to Strongpoint Kennels! Linda told me I would be forever changed and always want GSPs from here on out and she was right!

Faith Fonfara